Wood & Steel Combination


Wood & Steel Combination are traditional touch to a modular kitchen in Bangalore with lowest kitchen cabinet price in kitchen cabinet India using Technology oriented branded modular kitchen accessories makes perfect Kitchen cabinets with Traditional value for next generation people is the wood steel or stainless steel – Recent TV Programme Telecast about our products Our Commercial TV Add

As a stainless steel modular kitchen manufacturers Bangalore, Wood, and Steel or stainless steel Combination is developed to achieve cost-effective and traditional Feel to kitchens, we can make carcass with Galvano or stainless steel with a combination of shutters using all kind of wood materials latest is available wooden finish on steel,as a stainless steel modular kitchen suppliers

Steel or Stainless steel carcass + wooden finish shutters on steel

Steel or Stainless steel carcass + all kinds of wooden materials

Latest Finish:- Process of wooden finish on steel:- Galvano + powder coated layer+ wooden finish Wood & Steel Combination

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