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Stainless steel is an investment for your home, not an expensive, Stainless steel modular kitchen are problems free Kitchens unlike other materials, Stainless steel kitchen cabinets cost or Factory price of modular kitchen, Kitchen cabinets online India available with us, as a Kitchen manufacturer we are here to fulfill your dream kitchen with stainless steel kitchen cabinets Bangalore – Why people Buy and Not Buy Stainless steel Kitchen Cabinets and Negative Thoughts when don’t have awareness and Do and Donts of stainless steel modular kitchen as a kitchen manufacturers sohanlifestyle exploring all kinds of  Details to Public – stainless steel modular kitchen is not expensive anymore with Sohanlifestyle Factory prices starts from 2200/ sq feet direct factory to users or Professionals to users Lowest price ever never before price of modular kitchen Recent TV Programme Telecast about our products Fire Test by Us – We Do R&D before work Like This is also Our TV Commercial TV Add

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Stainless Steel Kitchen is hygienic, clean, slim and aesthetic appearance even with multiple colors and finish, cabinets are made out like solid panel from 1 mm thick sheet  for carcass, 0.8 mm thick for shutters like a solid wood, inside the panel polyurethane foam using for packing which is fire resistant, Kitchen cabinets are fireproof, basically 202,304 grade materials use majorly used for kitchens, theoretically difference is Nickel and chromium content in percentage of composition in materials is make major differences in stainless steel kitchen cabinets cost, If you start concerning about advantages of Stainless Steel Kitchens, Steel vs Stainless steel Kitchen, available kitchen cabinets online India also, as a kitchen manufacturers in Bangalorestainless steel modular kitchen

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Stainless steel 202 Grade 16 % to 18 % of Chromium and 0.5 – 4.0% of nickel
Stainless steel 304 has 18 % to 20 % of Chromium and 8% – 10.5% of nickel

Practical difference in Stainless Steel general words from a user point of view, 202 stainless steel material is corrosion resistance and acid-base resistance are lower than 304 Grade, Because 202  stainless steel Kitchen contains manganese if long-term in the wet and salty air will rust, but 304 stainless steel will not rust. what we use in our homes like thali plates & other kitchen appliances are made out of lower grades of stainless steel not even 202 grades, if appliances or kitchen cabinets are opened to continues moistures or salt air or water it may start block marks initially later start rusting in 202 grades, if you are washed it will clear in 304 grade materials, stainless steel kitchen cabinets in Bangalore, looking for an Interior Designer for your Home? as a kitchen manufacturer, we give Kitchen Designs alsostainless steel modular kitchen

As a modular kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore, we developed for eco-friendly, durable and strengthen stainless steel kitchen cabinets Bangalore, Sohanlifestyle is leading  steel & Stainless Steel kitchen cabinets, the price of modular kitchen, you wonder why people Buy SS Kitchens

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